Stark Outdoor Advertising Texas Billboard Inventory
Site/Sign Number Face/Location Status
Atlanta #1 404 US-59 between Pizza Inn and Donut Shop
1037 RH Lower NB Available
1038 RH Upper NB Fidelity Communications
1039 LH Lower SB Everett Plumbing
1040 LH Upper SB Available
Atlanta #2 506 US-59 between Domino's Pizza and AutoZone
1045 RH Upper NB Atlanta CC
1046 RH Lower NB Travel Inn
1047 LH Upper SB Welch Gas
1048 LH Lower SB Available
Atlanta #3 609 US-59 Between Lupe's and Quick Lube
1058 LH Upper NB Available
1059 LH Lower NB Express Inn
1060 RH Upper SB Red River Pharmacy
1061 RH Lower SB Grandys
Atlanta #4 2210 W. Main US-59 South by Golf Course across from Grandy's
1084 RH Upper SB Available
1085 RH Lower SB Linden Area CC
1086 LH Upper NB Available
1087 LH Lower NB Available
Atlanta #5 US-59 South @ CR4114 Atlanta Texas
1064 RH Upper NB Express Inn
1065 RH Lower NB Butlers Inn
1066 LH Upper SB Available
1067 LH Lower SB Available
Atlanta #6 US-59 South @ CR4114 Atlanta Texas
1088 RH Upper NB Best Western
1089 RH Lower NB Travel Inn
1090 LH Upper SB Available
1091 LH Lower SB Available
Avinger #1 TX-155 @ TX- 49 by railroad track
1001 RH Left SB Catfish Village
1002 RH Right SB Available
1003 LH Left NB Available
1004 LH Right NB Available
Avinger #2 TX- 49 (S Main) @ Lingo St. center of town 
1005 LH Upper NB Don Juans Mexican Restaurant
1006 LH Lower NB State Farm Insurance
1007 RH Upper SB Available
1008 RH Lower SB Available
Big Sandy #1 US-80/TX-155 Center of Town
1049 LH Lower EB Available
1050 LH  Upper EB First National Bank Gilmer
1051 RH Lower WB Available
1052 RH Upper WB First National Bank Gilmer
Daingerfield #1 305 US-259 Watson and Peters St. Between Jr. Shop & RR
1013 LH Upper NB Available
1014 LH Lower NB Available
1015 RH Lower SB Don Juan's Mexican Restaurant
1016 RH Upper SB Available
Daingerfield #2 155 US-259 (Wm Watson) Adjacent to Jr. Shop 
1017 LH Upper NB Available
1018 LH Lower NB Mt. Pleasant Toyota
1070 RH Upper SB Traylor Insurance
1071 RH Lower SB NTCC
Daingerfield #3 US-259 (Wm Watson Blvd) @ Broadnax by Telephone Bldg
1025 LH Upper EB Available
1026 LH Lower EB Available
1027 RH Upper NB NTCC
1028 RH Lower NB A-A Bail Bonds
Daingerfield #4 East Side US-259 South, One mile S. of City Limits
1092 LH Upper NB Available
1093 LH Lower NB Available
1094 RH Upper SB Available
1095 RH Lower SB State Farm Insurance
Diana #1 1732 US-259 Diana Texas
1096 LH Upper NB Security State Bank
1097 LH Lower NB Graceton Church of Christ
1098 RH Upper SB Security State Bank
1099 RH Lower SB Citizen's Bank
Gladewater #1 1167 W Upshur Ave (US-80) @ Phillips St. West of US-271
1053 RH Upper WB Available
1054 RH Lower WB First Assembly of God
1055 LH Upper EB Available
1056 LH Lower EB Available
Hughes Springs #1 TX-49 1610 E 1st Street
1033 LH Upper SB State Farm Insurance
1034 LH Lower SB Avinger Pizza
1035 RH Upper NB Traylor Insurance
1036 RH Lower NB Don Juans Mexican Restaurant
Linden #1 US-59 @ TX-155 East side of US-59
1041 RH Upper NB Welch Gas
1042 RH Lower NB Grandys
1043 LH Upper SB Don Juan's Mexican Restaurant
1044 LH Lower SB A-A Bail Bonds
Linden #2 US-59 North @ Terry's Wrecker Service
1080 RH Upper NB Available
1081 RH Lower NB Available
1082 LH Upper SB Available
1083 LH Lower SB Available
Longview #1 5004 Estes Parkway
1076 RH Upper NB Available
1077 RH Lower NB Available
1078 LH Upper SB Available
1079 LH Lower SB Available
New Boston #1 TX-98 @ FM-1840
1009 RH Left NB Available
1010 RH Right NB Available
1011 LH Left SB Available
1012 LH Right SB Available
Ore City #1 391 US-259 center of town West side of hwy
1029 RH Upper SB All Star Insurance
1030 RH Lower SB Traylor Insurance
1031 LH Upper NB Catfish Village
1032 LH Lower NB Traylor Insurance
Pittsburg #1 425 US-271
1021 LH Upper SB Los Pinos Ranch Vineyard
1022 LH Lower SB Clemens and Truitt Insurance
1023 RH Upper NB Traylor Insurance
1024 RH Lower NB McDonald's
Queen City #1 US-59 @ Georgia Street across from Total Convenience Store
1072 LH Upper NB Metal Max
1073 LH Lower NB HardKore Karts
1074 RH Upper SB Express Inn
1075 RH Lower SB Travel Inn