An Unusual Event

I have been designing, painting and now printing billboards for quite a few years.  In all these years I design a billboard, send a draft proof to the client and wait for response.  The client will have some changes to make, some minor and sometimes major changes.  I will make the changes and send the client a new draft proof.  A few years ago I did a post on another blog called evolution of a creative.  We exchanged 9 or so draft proofs before “getting it right”.  We do not mind, it is just part of the process of giving our clients what they want and making it work for them.

However, and the point of this post.  We have a new client going up on our Atlanta #2 location.  We had a short discussion of what the client, Cuff and Collar, wanted.  I worked up the following.

image description
image description

Emailed it to the client, and received  the unusual enthusiastic approval of my first draft proof.  It has never happened before.  Thank you Cuff and Collar for advertising with us.  We appreciate your business.

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